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The Surprising Reasons For White Spots On Teeth. How to Fix

White spots on teeth cause many people to be self-conscious about their smile. Of course, having white teeth is a sign of good oral hygiene and dental care. But white spots on teeth shouldn’t be ignored because they can sometimes be the first sign of tooth decay. However white blotches or patches under the tooth enamel that appear whiter aren’t ...

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Use banana peels to whiten teeth

Fruit can help whiten teeth because they contain acid. Delicious and dessert-like, bananas are a fruit preferred by a vast majority of humans. Bananas are not acidic fruit, but apparently you can whiten teeth by using shell. In addition to the minerals, you will also discover that banana peel contains high amounts of calcium and vitamin D too. These are ...

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Use Baking Soda Correctly to Whiten Your Teeth

Tooth discoloration can cause discomfort when you are speaking or smiling because it has an unhealthy and unattractive aspect. The color of your teeth is given by the lower dentin layer. So, the structure of the dentin affects the color of the reflected light and gives a different shade to the teeth. Washing teeth with baking soda occasionally is not a ...

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