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When it comes to face cleansing and removing your makeup, you probably tried everything you could. You must’ve tried all types of cleansers but which one of them removed the smallest impurities? All these products don’t leave such a pleasant skin texture.

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Beautiful hands with this homemade hand and nail cream

If you’re part of that category of women who can not live without hand cream, today we have for you a very simple hand and nail cream recipe with moisturizing properties, which you can be made at home. Many women suffer from dry skin, and particularly lots of them complain about their dry hands! Given that we use our hands …

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Homemade Hand Sanitizer

Germs from viruses and bacteria are everywhere, on all surfaces that come into contact. Virtually any surface that someone touched it is a potential factor of disease. Therefore, cleaning hands is essential habit to lower disease risk, regardless of the season. But sometimes it is difficult to get to a sink and find soap. Therefore, a disinfectant that carry it …

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