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How to prepare Sole water, a miracle for your health if consumed on an empty stomach

This miraculous drink helps balance blood sugar, helps maintain strong bones, regulates metabolism and stimulates the immune system. What happens when you combine natural salt with warm water? Positive ions from salt surround the negative ions from water molecules and vice versa. This creates a new structure that has an electric charge, which is easily absorbed by organism. Once ingested, ...

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Some disorders, including celiac disease can affect teeth health. In dealing with this disease or food intolerance, or other disorders that affect nutrient absorption, enamel demineralisation risks exponentially grow. The digestive system can not deliver anymore the essential minerals in the body when the body needs them. Tooth enamel is formed of 96% mineral, and represents the toughest structure of ...

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Easy diet with eggs

Eggs have recently come under scrutiny for their role as carriers of cholesterol. While eggs do carry a decent amount of cholesterol, some of the other benefits are too good to ignore. They are packed with nutrients, most of them in the yolk. Eggs are the best source of complete proteins. An average egg supplies about 6 grams of protein. ...

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