The mixture of natural ingredients that help you get rid of cuticle

Cuticles are designed to protect nails, cutting them expose us to unnecessary risks, but we can not recognize that are annoying. All manicurists know that when it comes to beautiful nails, it starts with cuticle condition. Keep yours in check with our fave miracle worker, almond oil. Not only will it help to hydrate dry cuticles it can nourish your nails too making them stronger and eventually longer and less likely to flake. Nails with cuticle looks much nicer, but if you do not want to cut it, you can prevent the increase. Show More

Oils are an excellent remedy for cuticles, fingernails and skin on hands. Today we propose a mixture of the two ingredients work wonders.

Mix well with one tablespoon of honey and almond oil and apply the resulting paste on hands, insisting cuticle. Leave treatment to work all night, for a complete action. But wearing a pair of cotton gloves to keep warm and not stain sheets or clothing. After just a few repetitions, the cuticles are imperceptible, as the hands and the skin of a baby.

How to protect your hands and nails

  • Use gloves household chores
  • Choose liquid soaps because less dry skin and contain more natural ingredients hydration
  • Exfoliate your hands and nails once a week to get rid of dead skin
  • Hydrates skin with a cream or oil containing natural essences such as almond oil or passionflower.

The mixture of natural ingredients that help you get rid of cuticle

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