When it comes to face cleansing and removing your makeup, you probably tried everything you could. You must’ve tried all types of cleansers but which one of them removed the smallest impurities? All these products don’t leave such a pleasant skin texture.Show More

Here are all the benefits that micellar water can provide:
This product has natural ingredients that removes all skin impurities, soothes and moisturizes the skin. Used daily, the results are remarkable – the reason why micellar water has become an indispensable resource for many women.

How to use?

The best micellar water is not too creamy or too oily instead, it’s very delicate and refreshing. All you have to do is to apply a small amount on a cotton pad and clean your face thoroughly.
Beauty experts recommend you to use micellar water in the morning after you wake up. This way, you can remove accumulated sebum during the night. Also you can refresh and soothe your skin after gym or with a few swabs you can remove all impurities. It’s a process that takes only a few seconds, but does wonders if you include it in your daily routine skin care!

How to prepare micellar water at home?

Ingredients for ½ a cup of micellar water:
-90 ml of rose water
-3 ml of castor oil
-20 drops of Vitamin E
-5 ml of rose hips essential oil
-150 ml empty container to deposit the micellar water

Method of preparation:
Mix all ingredients in a glass container. That’s all you have to do. Because of castor oil, all components will merge harmoniously. Don’t worry if the liquid takes on a yellowish color – all this is due to the castor oil. You’ll notice the pleasant smell this micellar water has and day after day, this product will surely become an essential part of beauty.

How to use it:
Shake the bottle well then add a few drops on a cotton pad. Apply it on your face in the morning before makeup then in the evening to remove all residues and impurities. It’s excellent to clean mascara and other cosmetics. Use it whenever you feel tired. It’s simply wonderful!

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