Homemade Natural Mask for Hair Growth

A long and strong hair represents not only the definition of beauty, but of a good health too. Most women would do anything to have a healthy and shiny hair. Use shampoo that suits them best, a special balm and many other treatments that will reassure them that look perfect. If what displeases you most is the length that is no longer your hair and be patient until it increases, then turn to some natural remedies to help you. Healthy hair grows faster than deterioriated. There are various ways in which your hair can be affected – hair dye, overuse of curling iron or board, facials fattening or dry hair shampoo wrong with your hair type, hair dressing or combing excess hair always caught in the tail. If you want such a hair to grow faster, the first rule of thumb is to make sure he is healthy! This mask stimulates hair growth and moisturizes and nourishes it.Show More

The only ingredients that you need are: an egg or the yolk of an egg, a banana, 1/2 cup of dark beer and a tablespoon of honey.

Mix them together and apply the composition on your hair. Wrap your hair in a towel and wash it after an hour or two. You don’t have to change the way you wash your hair, so don’t be worried about using your usual products.
To keep your hair hydrated and stimulate its growth, repeat this procedure once a week. This way, your hair will take the amount of protein and fat that it needs from the egg. It will help your hair to become more shiny and thick.
Hair growth is stimulated by the beer and the honey, because beer contains malt, yeast and vitamin B. It also contains micronutrients known for the fact that they help strengthen the hair and stimulate the growth. Some micronutrients are copper, phosphorus, potassium, iron, magnesium and other that are excellent for your hair.
You use bananas in your mixture because it is known that they are excellent when it comes to damage repair of the hair.
This mask is also recommended because it regulates sebum excess and it also has an anti-static effect that is important.
A healthy hear is a beautiful hair, so take good care of it with the best masks made at home and recommended by specialists.

Homemade Natural Mask for Hair Growth

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