Finding the right shampoo for your hair it became an impossible mission?
Maybe you want to try another type of shampoo, maybe you want to give up trade market shampoos or maybe you want to play the chemist role. We thought we’d share with you a simple recipe for a natural herbal shampoo.Show More

You’ll need a few ingredients that you can find in any herbal magazine.

Choose the plant that suits your hair type:
Shiny hair – dry burdock root or elderflower
For dry scalp – marigold or chamomile
For blonde hair – dandelion flowers or mullet
Black hair – black walnut or sage leaves

-1 cup of distilled water
-1/3 cup of dry plant (listed above)
-¼ cup of olive oil soap (Castile soap)

Method of preparation:
Boil the distilled water and add the plants.
Leave it 30 minutes to infuse then strain the liquid.
In a bottle of shampoo pour the olive oil soap and the cooled infusion.
Shake the bottle to mix the ingredients.
This shampoo is more liquid than regular shampoos, but it’s better than other shampoos. If you notice that this shampoo dries your hair add a few teaspoons of coconut oil or olive oil.


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