How to Get Rid of Bruises Fast with Home Remedies

Everybody gets bruises at one time or another. Although they are not the result of deteriorating health and usually do not call for any medical attention, the sight of a bruise is hard to ignore.

Bruises typically occur when some part of your body takes a hard hit. The injury does not break the skin, but the blood vessels underneath the skin are ruptured. This damaged vessels leak blood into the surrounding tissues, causing black-and-blue patterns on the skin that are often accompanied by pain and inflammation.

Medically termed as a contusion, most bruises fade away on their own in a couple of days.

Here are some home remedies to help you get rid of bruises quickly and easily. Show More

Use an Ice Compress

Things you’ll need:

Ice cubes in water
Cotton cloth
Soak a cotton cloth in cold water

dip a cotton cloth in ice cold water

Soak a cotton cloth in ice-cold water and compress this on the bruised area. Alternatively, you can wrap some ice cubes in the cloth and use it as a compress.
Hold it on the area for 10 minutes for instant relief. Repeat every few hours.

Cold temperature or ice packs cool down the ruptured blood vessels and control leakage of blood. Make sure you do not hold the compress on your skin for longer than 20 minutes and do not apply ice directly on your skin.

Use Castor Oil

Things you’ll need:

Castor oil (reduces pain)
Dip a cotton ball in castor oil

dip a cotton in castor oil

Soak a cotton ball in castor oil
Rub it on the bruised area for fast relief.
Repeat as needed.

Castor oil not only reduces the bruise but also prevents the skin from peeling off once the bruise disappears.

Use Arnica Gel

Put a small amount of arnica gel on your fingertips and gently rub it on the bruised area.
You can also blend arnica with water and apply it on the affected area.
For effective results, repeat 3 or 4 times a day.
Do this for a couple of days.

Arnica improves blood circulation and encourages faster healing of bruises by promoting the movement of white blood cells to the injured area. White blood cells replace the damaged cells in the skin with new ones, thus healing the bruise. Arnica also decreases swelling and inflammation in the bruised region.

Use Apple Cider Vinegar and Water

Things you’ll need:

Apple cider vinegar – 1 tablespoon
Water – 2 tablespoons
Cotton ball
Mix apple cider vinegar and water in a bowl

combine ACV and water

Mix 1 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar and 2 tablespoons of water in a bowl.
Soak a cotton ball in the solution and dab it on the bruised skin for 10 min.
Repeat this for a few days until you see improvement.

Apple cider vinegar has anti-inflammatory and exfoliating properties that help heal and remove unwanted marks on the skin. It drives away clogged blood in the affected region to treat the bruise instantly.

Witch hazel has astringent properties that help in healing and curing the bruise.


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