Hair is the crucial physical feature to every person, and because of that people spend great amounts of money for taking care of it, especially the female gender. There are so many hair products offering instant repair and restoration of your own hair, but most of them are expensive and moreover contain harmful chemicals.Show More

Many people suffer from hair loss, which is a sensitive issue as it affects person’s self-esteem. However, there are many factors which can impact this condition like stress, hormonal changes, regular dying, excessive use of hair dryer, irons or curling irons.

As we mentioned before there are many available commercial products which may solve this issue, but they are expensive and their content of ingredients is questionable. Therefore, we shall present you a homemade recipe which can stimulate hair growth. As a matter of fact its efficiency was already confirmed by various dermatologists.

Here it is how to prepare it:

Hair Loss Recipe

One egg yolk
Half a banana
Half a glass of beer
One tablespoon of organic honey


Just mix all these ingredients so that you form a paste which you need to apply on the areas of your scalp where you lack hair. Let it stay like that for two hours so that it acts. After that, rinse it off.

Believe us, the results will be outstanding, your hair will grow back like crazy.

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